Friday, October 30, 2020

Fall fondant toppers and cupcakes

When your temperament coincides with the seasons, ie, in strict alignment to the months of the year, menu "specials"and baking ventures will and should rhythmically follow suit.

Withstanding the times we find ourselves in, I feel this October specifically warrants visuals like ones on the page today. Due to the fact I have a food blog, which is often, ahem, errant, makes presenting "eye-catching seasonal features" a necessary assignment.

Besides, the play-do freak in me could not let this one go.

It's not as much a recipe as it is a display of how far vanilla cake, a couple cups of buttercream and the few ounces of marshmallow fondant can take you.

Whereas, it can also be considered a lesson on seeking joy in the simple things. Such as the perfect orange in my jack-o-lantern faces that could've had a less grim look about them, but really, who cares(?). Or the home edition blue pumpkins, each stemming from the desire to festoon the house upside down, but goes only as far as molding sugarpaste to achieve my design goals.

Moreover, the blushing apparition with  Marilyn Monroe-dress-in-the-air-feels particularly holds affinity to my being. Where else and when could she be such a thematic center of attraction?

The project, start to finish, is pretty effortless. Batter, baking and buttercream don't require much from you and lending personalities to Casper-ish ghosts could be all- day child's play. The kind of play I've managed to master in the several decades after my actual childhood ostensibly ended.

The cupcakes are a perfect startup activity before the biggest baking season of the year (get ready for it). It's also why I beckon you to click those links below, then indulge your inner sculptor.

The rest, I tell you, is a piece of cake ;-)

Have a boo-tiful holiday, folks🎃

Cupcakes in theme with any occasion can be as mood brightening as the morning sun.

The recipe for the cupcakes is right here.

I used the vanilla buttercream here, minus one cup sugar.

Scroll the pages for my marshmallow fondant, which, in my opinion, is the best tasting fondant ever.

Fall themed recipes:

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 "Therefore, my heart is glad, my whole being rejoices, and my body will dwell securely." Psalm 16:9



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