Sunday, April 21, 2013

Fish Tacos, Purple Cabbage Slaw and My First Guest Post

Just last week I said "yes" to an interview and guest post for the very first time. Frankly, fearful me wanted to run and hide. I didn't and I wouldn't, especially since the person who asked was the exceptionally gifted Rafeeda Rahman, who I'm fortunate to call one of my BBF's (best bloggie friend) Ms. Rafeeda possesses some unmatchable qualities that she effortlessly displays at her immensely popular "The Big Sweet Tooth". Really though, after working through my one-minute phobia I was honored and elated (AHHH!) to bring my teeny bit to her party. And what happened after? Fish. Seasoned, baked and tucked in a warm corn tortilla. It is the fish taco, all set and partnered with a crunchy slather of cabbage slaw. Sound good? Take a look. Except not here. Further on and I will tell you exactly where.

Fish tacos, are the answer to respectably healthful, yet absurdly delicious Mexican fare. It satisfies a seriously intense, sometimes indescribable craving for this heresaid popular cuisine. People, it's time to get your mojo on, La Bamba style!

So, shall we then pause for an interval here? A mini- break that takes us over to Raf's world, where the rest of this conversation and my fish taco/ slaw recipes await your visit.  Ready? Set? Click right here. 

My hostess and fellow Kerala neighbor is a notoriously gracious hostess, proof in her Saturdays only event "Be My Guest", the happening place to hang for some mindblowingly fresh ideas .

I urge don't just stop there! Check out her nutella pops, seriously worth a swoon or two and chicken pulao biriyani, Rafeeda's answer to the utmost two- for- one Indian casserole. 

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  1. feeling hungry at the very makes me drool,yummy ..lovely guest post & congrats too!!!

  2. Love the Clicks and Colors in this recipe!

    Yum! Yum! Yum!

  3. i'm humbled tisa... goodness that intro is too much, really! :D thank u so much dear for gracing my space, i've no other words to say... :)

    1. Aw, it was nice to be over in your world. Thanks Rafeeda.

  4. Lovely clicks as usual and interesting write up..again as usual. Loved the dish


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